Heating & Domestic Hot Water

How it Works

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy the perfect temperature in their home, all year round.

We offer a wide range of cost-efficient heating systems. Including, amongst others, water to heat pumps, air to heat pumps and air to air heat pumps. All of which offer whisper quiet performance, heating any room to your preferred temperature. Furthermore they will blend perfectly in your own décor.

Contact us to find the best system for your home or office, we will arrange on on-site visit and recommend the best system for your requirements.

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If you are considering installing hot water systems then contact us and we will carry out a free site survey and provide you with prices and timescales for the job.

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A Great Choice of Heating Systems

Gas Condensing Boilers

Our gas condensing boilers are unlike any others on the market. Thanks to double condensation, hot flue gases pre-heat both the heating water and your hot water. The result is maximum comfort, efficiency and low running costs.

Domestic Hot Water with Solar Thermal Stores

Our domestic hot water tanks provide you with hot water of the highest quality because we take water hygiene very seriously.

Hybrid Heat Pumps

A hybrid heat pump is a combination of a high efficiency gas combi boiler and renewable energy air-to-water heat pump. Unlike other available boiler-heat pump combinations, it works in series rather than in parallel. This means the flow of one can feed into the return of the other in certain economical operating modes.

High Temp Heat Pump

A high temperature heat pump will provide your home with heating and hot water. It’s an ideal replacement for a traditional boiler as it connects seamlessly to your existing piping and radiators, making it the perfect solution for renovations!

Low Temp Heat Pumps

A low temperature heat pump is designed for the highest seasonal efficiencies. So it’s ideal for new build, retrofit and low energy houses – and is accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) accreditation for compliance with funding schemes.

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